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Danger Marker is an Markerous Marker in the game. He was added on April 30, 2022.



Danger Marker's illustration appears as a marker with a grayish body that has yellow and black stripes trim, cap and a "danger sign" side pattern.


Danger Marker's in-game appearance is the same as the illustration.


Warning: Spoiler Alert
To obtain the Danger Marker, go to the Mountain and a climb a ladder to walk inside the entrance of the mountain. Inside, you should find a invisible teleporter, which teleports you to the Mountain Keyboard Room. Once here, go to the keyboard and type in “difficulty” and you will teleport to the Difficulty Chart Obby.

Then, complete your way to the "Insane" area that is a maze. In the maze, you will find a white truss. Go down it and complete another maze under it until you reach a yellow portal. Go through it, and you will reach the Danger Obby. Press the button to start, and complete it in time before the danger wall reaches.


  • Danger Marker was one of the three winners in the Difficulty Challenge.
  • Danger Marker's badge description was based on the Japanese quote: "omae wa mou shindeiru", which means "You are already dead" in English.
  • He is one of the markers that has another symbol instead of a circle inside another circle, the other one being 90 Degree Marker.
  • He is the 3rd Markerous marker.
  • He was originally Extreme but turned Markerous on 6/7/2022 due to a difficulty poll.

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